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Rachel’s Creations

Rachel Baer Henderson started her business, Rachel’s Creations, in 1999 after 10 years in forensics as a deputy coroner investigator. She decided it was time to pursue her artistic endeavors.

Baer Henderson does murals, face painting, canvas art, canvas painting parties, body painting and other artistic projects. She loves to share her passion for art.

“I just break things down really easily, step by step, and it makes me feel wonderful having someone do something they haven’t done before and succeed,” she said. 

Rachel’s Creations did a canvas party for Baer Henderson’s mother and a group of friends, and when they finished, her mom said that was the first time she had ever painted something on her own; and she was in her 70s. Encouraging her mom to hang up what she had created was more rewarding than seeing her own art on the wall, Baer Henderson said. 

Baer Henderson remembers her first mural being when she took crayons to her parent’s kitchen wall as a child. The unwelcome act turned into a full time career as an adult.

Rachel’s Creations has been featured in the Parade of Homes, has created multiple murals around Colorado and does lots of face painting events for school festivals and more.

Baer Henderson said the best part about her job is getting to make people happy with what she does.

“Just making people smile…there’s nothing better than face painting and then showing a little kid in the mirror and having them giggle,” she said. 

Rachel’s Creations is now booking for spring and summer events. She offers canvas painting parties, face painting and much more—just let her know what you have in mind. Visit her website at www.rachelscreations.net, check out her Facebook at facebook.com/rachelscreation or give her a call at 303-973-8823.

Thai 101

A new Thai restaurant is coming to Evergreen in May.

The restaurant, named Thai 101, will be located at 32156 Castle Court in Evergreen. The opening date is May 1, and owner Somying Fox has big plans for her new Colorado community.

Fox has been cooking authentic Thai food since she learned from her mother as a child. She was born in Thailand, and embraces the culture with her cuisine. She plans to decorate the restaurant with Thai style decorations.

After owning multiple restaurants in Missouri, Fox decided she wanted to have a restaurant in her new home, Colorado.

“I moved here and wanted to have a restaurant in Colorado, because I feel like this is my home now. I want to have somewhere to be at home everyday,” she said.

The restaurant will be family owned by Fox, her mother, her children and her sister. 

Thai 101 will have popular dishes like Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles, appetizers like Crab Rangoons, drinks including Thai Boba, milk tea and Thai coffee and desserts like sweet sticky rice with mango. 

The restaurant will have dine in, pick up and delivery, and will have outdoor seating (including heaters when the weather is chilly). The location will be able to accommodate large groups and the area has ample parking.

Fox said the beautiful location will be a draw for customers.

“People come for the hiking, and they can stop by for some Thai food,” she said.

Sasquatch Outpost

Jim and Daphne Myers’ business started as a grocery store, and then pivoted to a gift shop, museum and tour service dedicated to Sasquatch. 

As Jim Myers describes it, the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey has “anything and everything you can imagine related to Bigfoot.” This includes products from numerous local vendors. 

The outpost has hats, shirts, socks, coasters, stickers, figurines, books and much more.

After having success with the gift shop, the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum was built in 2016 and expanded in 2018. Since its origin, the museum has attracted over 55,000 visitors.

“We wanted to make something that would be educational and informative,” Jim said. 

The museum includes plaster casts of Sasquatch footprints from all over the country, an encounter map, videos, personal accounts and possibly most notably, a 7’ 3” animatronic Sasquatch.

This big creature is hidden in the shadows intentionally, Jim said, to give what he thinks is more of an authentic experience of what a Bigfoot encounter is like. 

“It’s been a huge hit,” he said.

The giant animatronic figure was commissioned from an artist in Ohio, and transported back to Colorado in a crate marked “Warning! Sasquatch Inside” garnering attention during the excursion. 

In addition to the gift shop and museum, Myers also offers tours and events. These events, like Bigfoot Adventure Weekend, Horseback Camping Adventures and more offer participants a chance to go with Bigfoot researchers and guides on camping expeditions in hopes of catching a glimpse of Bigfoot. For more information and registration on these events, check out sasquatchoutpost.com/events.