The biannual reorganization of athletic conferences in the state had two local impacts. 

The Eastern Metro Athletic Conference ceased to exist, and the Northglenn High School girls basketball team won’t be in a conference, at least for the next two years. 

Coach Gabriela Jimenez said the independent alignment is fine with her. 

“We are just not at the level yet to compete in that league (the Front Range League, where Brighton and Prairie View high schools landed),” she said.

“We won two games all year, and by the end of the season, we were basically playing C-level players for our varsity games.” 

The Norse won three of 12 games during the COVID-shortened 2020-2021 season. All three wins were within the EMAC. 

“I know it’s not ideal, and I know many teams go through rough seasons in their leagues,” Jimenez said. “But I am operating with kids who have just started playing this year, and I want them to experience competing and some success. And to us, right now, success would be staying within a 20-point deficit.” 

One of this year’s wins was against Thornton in a preseason tournament at Prairie View High School. The other was against Abraham Lincoln High in mid-January. 

“I was in some games this year where coaches were not showing great sportsmanship, and I don’t want my players to go through another season like that,” Jimenez said. “We are truly rebuilding, so I am glad that we are able to seek out better opportunities for our girls.”