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  • Land is prepared for the new Legacy Village neighborhood.
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  • Gold Creek Ranch farmhouse to be removed to make way for new development.

A hotly debated commercial and residential development in Elizabeth broke ground in late 2021 and is now in full swing. Land is being prepared for new roads, housing and retail space. Big-name international, national and regional businesses will be making their way into the area within the next couple of years.

The development often referred to as “West Elizabeth” will include an extended Wild Pointe Ranch Marketplace. Retail businesses moving into the area includes a McDonald’s at the corner of Highway 86 and Legacy Circle, as well as Anna’s Car & Dog Wash between Auto Zone and Murphy Oil. Recently, Trevey Commercial Real Estate announced that a Ziggi’s Coffee would be coming to Elizabeth as well.
MJM Consulting is the new franchise owner for Ziggi’s Coffee. They plan to build an 1,800-square-foot free-standing building. The space will also include a patio, bike racks and a drive-thru. The building will be located on the lot east of Walmart, next to Taco Bell. Construction for the new coffee shop will begin spring 2022. The lot sold for $350,000.
The area will also see extended roadway and infrastructure for the West of Wild Pointe Ranch Marketplace. In an interview from September 2021, Mitch Trevey and Nick Beach of Trevey Commercial Real Estate indicated that Beverly Street will be extended past the Elizabeth Library to connect to Legacy Circle near Walmart.
In addition to the new commercial and retail spaces at Wild Pointe Ranch Marketplace, the area will see the addition of a more developed “Elizabeth West.” Elizabeth West will extend from the new development behind the Walmart to Country Road 3. Construction has not yet started for Elizabeth West though it is slated to begin this spring.
Elizabeth West will also have some space set aside for retail and commercial businesses. The Trevey developers strongly anticipate the addition of a King Soopers at the corner of Highway 86 and Legacy Ridge Street.
Though local opinion on the expansive development has been mixed, a recent point of distress for some longtime residents is the removal of Gold Creek Ranch on the property. Existing structures and trees will be removed to accommodate the new development.
“I worked the Gold Creek Ranch when I was a kid from 1990 to around 2007. I helped Mike (Woodard, the owner) out all the time. I used to bale hay, run the stack wagon, deliver hay and work the cattle. I loved fishing at the pond,” said Jeremy Phillips, Elizabeth local. “This is sad to see. I helped build this house and to see it just be torn down is terrible.”
Some residents hope that the main structure will be preserved. However, according to Pat Gonzales, Town of Elizabeth Community Development administrative assistant, the structure is in disrepair and to her knowledge will be removed. In a short phone interview with Jim Marshall, developer for Legacy Village, he said the structure is a safety concern and a liability given its state of disrepair. He confirmed that the structure will be torn down.
For more detailed information on the new Legacy Village residential development, please visit tinyurl.com/ECLegacyVillage, starting on the fifth page of the document.