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Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery in Bailey hosted a gaggle of goats on Sunday for customers to play with while they sipped on some local brews.

Head brewer Nick Hansell said this is not the first time the brewery has featured baby goats, and it won’t be the last. They hope to have them out every other Sunday, weather permitting. 

Cherie Rutt provided the goats for the event. She and her husband, Ken, own Rocky Hollow, where they raise goats, chickens, rabbits, peacocks and more. The babies Rutt brought to Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery were three and five weeks old. Their names were Dobby, Sasha, Geralt, Marigold and Sugar Skull. 

People of all ages enjoyed playing with the goats, some even taking them back to their tables to enjoy a little snuggle while they sipped. 

Mad Jack’s Mountain Brewery also offers karaoke on Fridays, intermittent Paint ‘n Sip events, Poker nights and features a selection of rotating beers.