Putin’s Blunder

I believe that Putin’s war to turn the Ukraine into a puppet satellite-state in the reconstituted, Soviet-style, 21st century empire of his dreams, presents the U.S., the EU and NATO with the opportunity to earn life long friends and staunch allies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Vigorous support of Ukraine’s fight to expel Russia’s invaders from her soil would cement those alliances and sow the seeds of Putin’s demise. Helping to expel all Russian invaders from all Ukrainian soil would allow negotiations to establish a Gibraltar-inspired agreement regarding Russia’s historic naval base at Sevastopol, with a new truly democratic Russian government, from a position of Ukrainian strength. Will we finally put an end to Putin’s efforts to destabilize the US, the EU, NATO and all Western democracies? It’s time to put an end to Putin’s depraved kleptocracy and wholeheartedly support Ukraine.

Paul Barnkow, Arvada

Time to vote for change!

It is maddening how Colorado has become dominated—house, senate and governorship—by Democrat rule.  

Democrats use that power to remove freedoms and pose additional unwanted and unmerited taxes and fees on the people. A sampling of recent headlines you may have missed:

Colorado Sun: “Coloradans will now automatically be charged $29 for a state parks pass when they register their cars”

Broomfield Enterprise: “Xcel changes electricity prices for 310,000 Colorado residents, urging off-peak nighttime use”

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition: “Small business tax credit for local news advertising advances in Colorado House”

D.C.-based GOP elections group targets Colorado General Assembly

One bright spot in the news; Colorado Politics: “D.C.-based GOP elections group targets Colorado General Assembly”

Unless you vote, you are powerless to prevent the wanton theft of personal freedom and avoid the excessive hidden taxes/fees making it harder to live on the money you earn each month. And don’t forget the power the governor exerted in the COVID lockdowns and mask-mandates that killed many small businesses and scared public school districts into fearfully requiring kindergartners to be masked in school. Education suffered. People suffered. We are paying the price.

Mark W. Salley, Arvada