I am a senior living in Highlands Ranch since 1987. I attended the open house for the proposed Highlands Ranch Senior Center. The building diagram showed 3-4 offices for Douglas County, a small fitness center that could be used for Silver Sneakers, a kitchen area, and a large open space that could be divided into smaller spaces to be used as needed. All the proposed programs are currently available through the recreation centers or the library. The 2019 cost for this building was $10 million from Highlands Ranch residents’ taxes. There are no figures for what it would cost in today’s dollars. This building can be used by anyone, it is not limited to seniors or residents of Highlands Ranch.

The proposed site will bring a lot of outside traffic into the heart of Highlands Ranch and increase traffic on one of the busiest and most dangerous streets in our community. This site will also change the topography and limit the size of one of the few remaining open spaces in Highlands Ranch. Please don’t let this happen! Email or call the Highlands Ranch Metro District and let them know you oppose the building of an event center while marketing it as a senior center, and/or sign the petition at change.org.

Kathryn Murphy

Highlands Ranch