The Douglas County School Board’s majority behaviors do not reflect local thinking; they are determined by well-financed influences outside of Douglas County. Influences that adhere to a retro-ideology that devalues anyone who is not behaving like it’s 1950.

The shame is this: about half of Douglas County residents approach school board elections with disinterest, and don’t stay informed about the issues or know the history of school board politics.

The outcome is predictable. Only about 44% of registered voters submitted a ballot in November. The board majority won with 26% of the registered voter base — they do not have a mandate.

Douglas County taxpayers fund schools well below the Colorado state average by about $1,000. And Colorado funds schools well below the national adjusted average by about $3,000. Colorado teacher pay competitiveness now rates at 50 of 50, lower than any other state.

So, the verdict is clear. The majority of Douglas County people simply don’t care about schools, teachers and kids. The same can be said about most Coloradans.

It’s another signal of the apathy and disinterest driving the demise of our society. Wake up.

Lloyd Guthrie