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While Clear Creek skateboarders wait for an Idaho Springs skate park to be finalized, financed and built, the Mountain Youth Network has found an interim solution.

This semester, MYN is organizing trips to Denver-area skate parks every other Friday for Clear Creek Middle School/High School students. The next trip is March 25.

While those skateboarders who’ve been attending and others who are interested prefer outdoor skate parks, the group has visited Sheridan’s Curbside Skatepark several times because of the weather.

“It’s been tricky to gain momentum with it,” Ben Shay, youth programs coordinator for MYN, said of the skate trips.

He explained that several interested students have been skiing and snowboarding this winter instead. However, Shay expects attendance and nicer weather will pick up after spring break.

The Idaho Springs skate park is still in the works. While there’s no firm construction timeline, Shay said it’s possible construction could start in summer 2023.

In the meantime, MYN will continue hosting the skate trips this semester and likely next school year as well. Depending on interest, Shay said MYN might host weekly trips in this summer.

Shay said that, because many of the attendees are too young to drive themselves, providing transportation is key.

Joey Lupinacci, an eighth-grader at Clear Creek Middle School, said he’s been on six trips already this semester.  He recently started skateboarding, and MYN’s regular trips have been a great way to learn, he said.