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More than 40 janitors who clean and maintain the Coors Brewery in Golden and its commercial offices joined Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105 following a majority union vote and negotiations with Integrated Cleaning Services.

The janitors ratified the new agreement unanimously on March 5, which includes a 7% wage increase, better benefits and more time off.  

They join 2,500 other SEIU Local 105 janitors across the Denver metro area.

“I’ve been a Janitor for a long time,” said Juan Manuel Patraca, a janitor with 20 years of experience, with his most recent three years working at Coors. “I’ve worked both in a union and out of one, and I’ve been active in my community for years. The union difference is personal for me. This goes so much further than just us. We have better jobs, but also a better brewery and a stronger community because of it. ”  

Integrated Cleaning Services voluntarily recognized the janitors’ vote to unionize.

The agreement now makes Coors the largest single brewing facility in the world to be cleaned with a union workforce.

According to the janitors, it is a historic landmark for both the brewing and cleaning industries.

 “We stand together not just as janitors at this brewery, but with more than 2,500 janitors across the Denver area,” said Rosa Pineda, a 5-year janitor at Coors. “I’m so proud of everyone here, and I’m proud of Coors for choosing a responsible local union contractor like Integrated Cleaning Systems.”

The ratification is the latest victory in a string of wins for SEIU Local 105 janitors from around Denver, coming on the heels of a historic wage increase at Denver International Airport in November.

The janitors at the Coors facility now join the landmark Master Contract bargained last summer, including significant raises and protections on the job for cleaners in the metro area.

“Together, we’ve won a voice on the job and better wages and benefits,” Pineda said. “But we’ve also taken a big step toward building a better state for janitors everywhere.”