Three cow elk were struck by a vehicle on Wednesday morning on State Highway 74 in Evergreen.

State Patrol and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call at 10:56 a.m. of a wildlife-vehicle collision. The driver of the vehicle was not injured, but the vehicle was totaled. According to two deputies on the scene, two elk were killed by the crash, and the third had to be euthanized by Deputy Frahm.

“If an animal is not able to be mobile and/or eat, then we have to euthanize it,” said Deputy Carmikle, who also was on the scene. 

Colorado Department of Transportation removed the animal carcasses from the scene. State Patrol says it will not be pursuing an investigation at this time. 

Carmikle and Frahm remind drivers to be alert and aware while driving in areas of high wildlife density. 

“Expand your vision; paying attention to what’s on both sides of the road on both sides,” Frahm said.

“Especially on the parkway and on 285 and 73, you have to be extra vigilant,” Carmikle added.