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South Suburban Parks and Recreation is moving forward with an $11 million replacement for the tennis bubble at the Littleton Golf and Tennis Clubhouse that collapsed in December due to high winds

“It’s not a reactionary project, but unfortunately we had that huge windstorm and the facility came down,” said Melissa Reese-Thacker, South Suburban’s planning manager, who added that a replacement project had been in the works since last July. “Our goal in replacing the building is to maintain our current programming.”

On Dec. 15, winds of up to 80 miles per hour battered Littleton and the Front Range, leading to the collapse of the bubble off Federal Boulevard as well as widespread power outages. 

South Suburban had long thought the tennis bubble, constructed in 1985, could ultimately succumb to what it faced that day. 

“When it snows, especially when we get lots of snow or high winds, we have seen damage,” Reese-Thacker said. “It’s just older material, so it didn’t hold up as well.”

No injuries occurred, according to South Suburban spokesperson Becky Grubb, but the 45,000-square-foot bubble that covered six courts remained closed. 

Reese-Thacker said temporary lessons and private practices are currently being held at the Ice Arena at 6580 S. Vine St. in Centennial.

Construction is set to begin this May with a new, 56,000 square-foot metal structure being completed in March 2023. During that time, the golf shop will move to an on-site trailer, Reese-Thacker said.

The new facility, along with being more resilient to the elements, will also feature an expanded kitchen area as well as a more open design to allow for better flow of foot traffic, Reese-Thacker said.