Fort Lupton has its plans in place for the city’s annual clean-up day this spring. But it comes with a huge caveat .. COVID spread and the potential of a new variant.

During a Fort Lupton City Council study session March 8, Public Works Director Roy Vestal outlined the best-case scenario. It’s set for Saturday, April 28. Pick-up days for senior citizens are set for Thursday and Friday, April 26 and 27.

Vestal’s “big if” will depend on rate of spread of the coronavirus through the middle of April. He’ll use data that is specific to Fort Lupton’s ZIP code. Last year, Vestal was relying on statewide data. He told council relying on ZIP code specific information makes it “more sensitive to the area.”

“If we have a running tally of five or higher, I will call a no-go,” Vestal told council. “The call date is April 12.  My hope is the numbers will look like they did during the summer and stay down there. I don’t want it to be a spreader event.”

If Vestal calls it off, it will lop over into the month of May, and the city will use a voucher program, much as it did last year. Vestal said the vouchers will be available throughout the month. Senior pick-up dates won’t change.

“We have $30,000 in the budget,” Vestal told council. “Last year, we had $28,000, and we spent $18,000. Part of that was we didn’t do a full clean-up, so we didn’t have as many Dumpsters to deal with.”