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Cory Vander Veen, the recreation director in Aspen, has been named the only finalist to become the Evergreen Park & Recreation District executive director.

Vander Veen has been in the Aspen position since July 2017, and before that he worked in parks and recreation in Brownsville, Texas, Gunnison, Colorado, and Apex Parks and Recreation in Arvada.

The Evergreen Park & Recreation board of directors voted Vander Veen as its sole finalist at a special meeting on March 7. The board must wait 14 days before making him an offer, and EPRD board President Monty Estis said Vander Veen may make a presentation at the 5 p.m. May 29 board meeting via Zoom.

Estis said previously that the district received about 100 applications for the position held by Ellen O’Connor until she resigned in November, and a committee has narrowed it to seven.

Vander Veen said he “bleeds recreation — I love everything park and recreation,” and he wanted to lead Evergreen Park & Recreation District because he likes the area’s small-town vibe and the supportive community. He wants to continue building relationships and partnerships within the community and promised coffee talks so the community could connect with him.

Vander Veen’s wife works in hospice and home care, and they have two children, 7 and 4. Vander Veen also is a volunteer firefighter with the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District. The family has begun looking for a house in Evergreen.