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The 20-year-old Denver man arrested for his role in a fatal accident that claimed the life of a mother of three late last year is still sorting out traffic charges from 2020.

Guillermo Barraza Ramirez appeared March 1 in Jefferson County Court and entered a plea of not guilty for two charges—driving without a license and careless driving—dating back to Oct. 8, 2020.

He failed to appear before Judge Bradley Allen Burback for a Feb. 17, 2021 arraignment.

A pre-trial hearing for those traffic charges is set for April 26,

The maximum penalty for each offense is 90 days imprisonment, a $300 fine, or both.

However, Ramirez also faces multiple felony charges tied to the firey Dec. 17, 2021 accident that killed 24-year-old Brisia Leon and seriously injured three others.

According to court documents, Ramirez is charged with one count of vehicular homicide-DUI, one count of vehicular homicide-reckless driving, three counts of vehicular assault-DUI, and three counts of vehicular assault-reckless driving.

Golden Police officers took Ramirez into custody on Jan. 13, and he was later released on a $50,000 bond.

A preliminary hearing on this matter jas been scheduled for April 5 in Jefferson County Court.

A GPD statement said on the morning of the accident, a silver Chevy Malibu blew past a Golden police officer at somewhere between 90 and 100 mph.

The officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the Malibu continued into the intersection of West Sixth Avenue and West Colfax Avenue, running a red light and striking an SUV, causing it to burst in flames.

Three passengers in the SUV, two women, ages 71 and 50, and one man, 32 years of age, were able to escape, but the officer had to use a fire extinguisher to suppress the flames on them.

Leon, the sole passenger in Ramirez’s vehicle, was thrown from the car and died as a result of her injuries.

She leave behind three children, ages 4, 5 and 8.