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DENVER — Legacy High School took its 26th seed in the state 5A boys basketball tournament into the quarterfinals. But second-seeded Fossil Ridge was waiting March 5 and came out on top 80-54 at the Denver Coliseum.
No stats were available for either team.
“Credit goes to Fossil Ridge as they are an incredible team” LHS coach Connor Clay said. “They earned the victory over us.”
Legacy rallied to upset Regis 53-51 in the round of 16. The March 2 game was in Aurora. Bryce Spradling topped the Lightning scoresheet with 13 points. Isaac Ward scored 11, and Jaycee Stelling scored 10. Kylie Sander led Regis with 14 points, while Tarea Fulcher scored 12.
Legacy senior Jack DeBell said the team’s first playoff win, an 85-78 triumph over Far Northeast Warriors, got things rolling.
“I’m happy it’s truly been an amazing year,” DeBell said. “We’ve certainly set the standard for the underclassmen to try and get back here again.”
“We did it with heart. We did it together.,” Clay said. “Our mission was to win each next possession, and be mentally tough enough to overcome the obstacles that were in front of us. We did that, and that’s why we were here.”
The Lightning finished with a record of 18-9 this season.
Additional reporting by Stefan Brodsky