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The Town of Morrison swore in it’s new police chief, Bill Vinelli, March 1 at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Vinelli has been with the department for about two weeks, and he said his force would be fully staffed by March 7.

The department will include the chief, two sergeants, four patrol officers and three part-time officers. All of the full time employees are people Vinelli has worked with in the past.

“All very proactive police officers, very personable, very community oriented,” he said. 

Morrison has been known for its reputation of being a “speed trap,” especially after a consultant’s report in 2021 found the town to be reliant on ticket revenue for the police department budget. 

Vinelli recognizes the reputation, but also knows the need for safe speeds on Morrison roads. He said he expects his officers to be firm, fair and do their jobs. 

The town has had previous problems with police retention, with their most recent police chief Misty Siderfin resigning after only three months on the job, and her predecessor George Mumma parting ways with the town after two and a half years. 

“The officers I’m bringing to the Town of Morrison are going to do their job. … We are not going to live by the stigma of what Morrison has been known by in the past,” Vinelli said. “There are other elements to police work than just writing tickets.”