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Legend Unified’s basketball team was able to bring back its annual game against the Parker Police Department Feb. 9. The annual contest was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dozens of Legend High School students lined the stands to cheer for the Legend Unified team, which was made up of students both with and without special needs, as they took on local law enforcement. 

“This is definitely the best thing we do all year,” said Josh Hans with the Parker Police Department.

Throughout the game, the Legend High School students shouted and cheered nonstop for the Legend Unified kids, many held signs with the names and at some points chanted for the players.

Bailey Mathewson, 18, a volunteer with Legend Unified, said the event is a great opportunity for the students to bond with other kids from Legend High School.

“The kids just love it,” Mathewson said. “Hearing everyone cheer when they score, it’s such a confidence builder.”

Legend Unified also has other sports teams, including bowling, soccer and track.

“We try really hard to make sure everyone gets involved,” Mathewson said. 

Don Britton, the school resource officer for Legend High School, helped organize the event, which has had four previous games.

“I want those kids to memorize this for the rest of their life,” Britton said.

All the proceeds from the game go to the Legend Unified program, he said.

The Legend Unified team won the game for the fifth time in a row with a score of 79 to 63.