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Oral history captures the voices and memories of people and communities, and Conifer Historical Society and Museum is using this as a way to preserve the stories of Conifer.

The society’s oral history project is looking for people who want to be interviewed and tell their stories about Conifer, people who want to interview those sharing memories and people interested in helping with the digitization of old recordings.

Erin Thatcher is the president of the Conifer Historical Society and Museum. She thinks the people of Conifer are a special group.

“I think we are a unique group; we’ve got people who’ve moved up here recently who are interested in the history….we have a lot of people who have lived up here for generations; if we don’t hear and record their stories, they’re gone,” she said. 

Thatcher has hopes that this project can be a big part of what they do at the museum.

“We want it to be one of the long term projects of the museum,” she said.

So far, the society has a few volunteers for conducting interviews, but needs more people to share their stories. Ideas for stories include memories of historic snowstorms, fires, going to school and any other aspects of daily life in Conifer.

For information on how to get involved in the project, email info@coniferhistoricalsociety.org, visit coniferhistoricalsociety.org or visit the society’s Facebook page.