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Golden City Council has rescinded the city’s COVID-19 emergency declaration, effective Feb. 22.

Based on guidance from the Jefferson County Public Health Department, city officials believe the immediate public health threat related to the COVID-19 “has ceased, and the declaration is no longer necessary.”

Put into place by City Manager Jason Slowinski, Resolution No. 2828 was adopted on Dec. 7, 2021. It extended special authority to the city to respond to pandemic-related issues, but now, as state COVID-19 infection rates decline, the council says the time for such powers has gone.

As part of its justification for the action, the city cites Jefferson County’s recent termination of its order requiring local government workers to submit to routine COVID-19 testing, as well as its order requiring face coverings in public indoor spaces for individuals over three years of age.

“The public health orders that JCPH has had in place have expired or been rescinded, said Slowinski. “So we’re heading in the right direction and I feel this is no longer necessary, although we will continue to monitor as we always have throughout the pandemic.”

Slowinski cautioned councilmembers that with no local emergency declaration in place, boards and commissions would be required to meet in person beginning in March.

Although the immediate public health emergency related to COVID-19 may have run its course, the city acknowledged the pandemic continues to affect individuals in the community and is likely to have a long-lasting impact on many.

The city strongly encourages all eligible individuals to get the COVID-19 vaccination to limit the spread of disease in the community.