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Tom Peterson, chairman of the Elbert County Republicans, is inviting county residents who were registered Republicans as of Feb. 8 to participate in the party’s precinct caucuses on March 1.
There will be 18 precinct caucus meetings throughout the county.  A precinct caucus is a meeting, held every general election year, of registered Republican and Democratic voters.  A precinct is the smallest political unit and serves as the basis for political activity and representation.  These meetings represent grassroots politics at the neighborhood level and both parties follow the same process.  In Colorado, the process of nominating candidates for elected office begins with the precinct caucus.  
Following precinct caucuses, the Elbert County Republicans will host the party’s county assembly on March 19 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds.  This will be followed by district assemblies and state convention on April 8-9 in Colorado Springs.
As a result of redistricting, Elbert County now has 18 precincts. Republican voters in each precinct will elect two representatives, known as precinct committee persons, to the Elbert County Republican Central Committee.  The job of the precinct committee person is to act as a liaison between the central committee and registered Republicans in their precinct. They will also vote on local party issues as well as elect the Elbert County Republican  Executive Committee.
Delegates and alternates to the county assembly will also be elected along with delegates and alternates to state House District 56, state Senate District 35, Congressional District 4, and the state assembly.  Finally, proposed resolutions to the party platform will be presented for consideration, applications for election judges will be available, and volunteers can sign up to help.  We expect candidates for county offices to attend many of the caucus meetings.  
At the county assembly, Elbert County Republicans will elect Republicans to the June primary ballot for county commissioner District 2, sheriff, clerk and recorder, assessor, treasurer, coroner and surveyor.  The state assembly will be held at the World Arena in Colorado Springs and delegates will vote to elect Republican candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, attorney general and secretary of state to the June primary ballot.  
The Elbert County Republican precinct caucus meetings will be at Legacy Academy, Singing Hills Elementary, Elbert School, Big Sandy School, Kiowa Middle School and Rattlesnake Fire Station Sun Country.  Check-in begins at 6:30 p.m. and the meetings will start at 7 p.m.  
The caucuses are open to all Republicans who have been registered with the party as of February 8, 2022.  The easiest and most efficient way to attend is to preregister at www.caucus.cologop.org.  Preregistration will streamline the check-in process and will verify your precinct and caucus location.  As of Monday, February 21, 180 Elbert County Republicans were preregistered.  Peterson said the goal is to hit 300 and set a record in Elbert County.
“This is your chance to participate and be heard,” Peterson wrote. “This is your chance to help choose the leaders of the party and candidates to be on the primary ballot in June.  This is your chance, and we encourage all Elbert County Republicans to attend.”
For more information, visit www.elbertcountyrepublicans.com or contact Elbert County Republicans Secretary Ted Hannon at tedhannon@reagan.com or 303-324-6797.