I am 78 years old and in all the years I have voted, I have only voted no on a school bond funding tax once. The no vote occurred after I moved to Douglas County and the so called “Reformer” slate controlled the board. Sadly, it appears there will be a second no vote when the current board places a funding request on the ballot.

This board has demonstrated no respect for the law, the teachers and staff who work hard every day to educate their students to provide them with the tools needed to become productive members of a multi-cultural society, and to keep the community healthy. The board’s opposition to the Equity policy, the firing of Corey Wise, its ignorance of history, and open defiance of open meeting laws, make it unworthy of my dollars. There will be a second no vote at election time. Let us all hope that it realizes its mistakes before the children’s test scores decline and school district loses its highly qualified teachers as they did under the Reformers.

Barbara Morton, Highlands Ranch