After days of turmoil with teachers staging a “sick-out” and rumors of secret meetings with some board members, the protests and rallies and dissension reached a breaking point. Then the superintendent was fired.

I’m saddened over the mess. I think we can see a major problem was the politicization of the equity policy in Douglas County Schools.

Like two warring parents in the midst of a messy divorce, have we forgotten the children?

While we fight over whether or not to eliminate, edit, or enforce the equity policy that was approved a year ago but not yet implemented because of vocal concern, we appear to have chosen sides and have shut down constructive conversation.

We should realize that some people think DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) is just code for CRT (critical race theory). To be concerned about a philosophy birthed in “class struggle” does not equal racism. There are those (like me) that believe that, while it’s necessary to teach the history of racism — it is simultaneously unnecessary and counterproductive to instill collective guilt because of past sins of ancestors.

When the school board met on January 25th, they adopted a resolution that does not call for disbanding the policy — but a re-examination of it. If I have questions when I read it, might not others?

Let’s stop acting like petulant children who don’t get their way — and instead, think of the students who have already been impacted by two years of woefully reduced classroom time.

Linda Mazunik, Lone Tree