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Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in an ongoing series about coffee shops in the Evergreen/Conifer area.

For a cup of coffee with an incredible view of Evergreen Lake, look no further than EverBean By The Lake.

Opened in July 2011 by owners Cheryl and Alan Pankonien, EverBean By The Lake is located right across from the lake with outdoor seating and window views. The menu offers creative espresso drinks, smoothies, breakfast and lunch items, as well as ice cream during the warmer months. 

Cheryl Pankonien said owning EverBean does not even feel like having to work.

“It’s not like coming to work, it’s more like making coffee and food for your friends,” she said. 

With a staff of mostly young adults, Pankonien likens her business to a family. She sees highschoolers come and go, and refer friends as they graduate and move away. 

Pankonien enjoys making cappuccinos when she is working in the shop, and likes to drink an iced english toffee breve. 

For some of the shop’s iced coffee drinks, staff have a unique way of keeping them cold. 

“We have a special iced coffee where we make ice cubes with coffee,” Pankonien said. While it takes a little extra effort, Pankonien sees the difference it makes for the customers.

Even in the winter, the shop usually has customers enjoying the patio space and outdoor tables. A recent car accident left the back patio area damaged, and the shop is waiting for better weather to assess and make repairs.

Tyler Tatman has been working at EverBean By The Lake for a year and a half. He sees the unique views drawing people from all over.

“We have a lot of people coming up from Denver,” he said. 

Tatman enjoys interacting with customers and appreciates the care Pankonien puts into her business. 

“I really like the people…Cheryl is a really great boss. She cares about the business but always puts us first,” he said. 

EverBean has a few signature drinks on its menu, including the EverBean Truffle, Raspberry Kiss, Minty Mocha, Mandarin Dream and a Caramel Macchiato. The EverBean Truffle, featuring chocolate, hazelnut and almond flavors, is one of the most popular drinks at the shop. 

Pankonien is grateful for the support of her staff and customers throughout the pandemic, saying that they kept her business afloat. 

“A big thank you to the Evergreen community; it’s an amazing place to live,” she said.