The Dakota Sioux have a saying: “When your horse dies … your first act should be to dismount.” Obvious and simple enough? Given the take of the RNC on the Jan. 6, 2021 as “Legitimate Political Discourse” and the events of the past 5 years, it seems to be missed by Republicans.

The G.O.P. continues the “Big Lie,” denies the 2020 election and opts for a cult rather than a party. The Trump ride is corrosive, divisive, chaotic and supportive of white supremacists. Trump is a compulsive liar and amoral. He spurns science, the advice of intelligent people and re-engineers reality. He is un-grounded in principles of equality and empathy, and has a complete contempt for laws. The Republican Party has become Trump.

If you ride with him, it is time to DISMOUNT. While you are at it, take your saddle of pride, patriotism and passion with you. Ride into the future with those who are united in seeking an America of empathy and equality for all, with decisions that are factually based from knowledgeable experts forth benefit of the entire country, and the recognition that diversity is the strength of this democracy. If you recognize that the Republican party pre-Trump has died … DISMOUNT. If you don’t feel compelled to ride with Democrats, how about Independents? 

Theodore Roosevelt said: “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.” I would also suggest it does not mean to stand by an ex-president or faux-president. 

Ron Fischer,