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In business as in life, sometimes we approach situations and people strategically, and other times we recognize opportunistic moments. When that happens, we try and capitalize on those times when fortune seems to smile down upon us. It reminds me about the question, “Would you rather be lucky or good?” And the appropriate answer is always, “I want to be both, lucky and good.”

As much as these past two years have taken many of us out of our rhythm when it comes to seeing or meeting people, it has also created incredible opportunities to be opportunistic and strategic and to connect with more people than ever before. Social media platforms make it really easy to find people and begin new relationships, both personally and professionally. And virtual meeting technology continues to improve, making it feel like we are actually in the same room with the person we are meeting with virtually.

One reality of the virtual world we live and work in is fatigue. Many of us spend our entire days on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, or other such platform. In a future column I will share some tips and techniques for avoiding burnout and fatigue. For now, I would share that if we can get comfortable with using these platforms coupled with the technologies and sites that allow us to make new connections and receive new information, it creates an environment for new opportunities.

Some of the businesses that I work with have shared that these past two years turned out to be the best years they have ever had in business. The salespeople on their teams figured out how to maximize all available resources and technology to find new prospects, build better and deeper relationships with customers, leverage data and insights based on the readily available access to information, and all of that helped them to find more opportunities to not only win more customers, but to serve their customers in such a way that it created raving fans.

And although we all are aware of what is being referred to as the “Great Resignation,” we are all probably aware of the job market that has an abundance of openings and opportunities. Many of you have reached out and shared some of your own success stories about connecting with people you had not known before, learning about companies you had never considered, and landing new positions in a role that you really wanted. New connections and new information led you to new opportunities.

In my industry, training and development and motivational speaking, conducting sessions virtually was already happening pre-pandemic. And when the pandemic hit, some companies and speakers were well equipped to move meetings and training sessions to virtual platforms. Others had to catch up. But now two years later, we are finding that leveraging the power of technology and virtual training environments has improved the effectiveness of the training and transfer of knowledge. Additionally, the new people, departments, and teams we can connect with has made it easier to share information across an organization and created new opportunities for learning that was otherwise unavailable in the past.

Here we are in another Valentine’s Day week. Romance is in the air. How many couples have met by making new connections online, were introduced to someone through an online platform or service, had the ability to learn more about the other person to see if they were compatible, and created opportunities to get to know one another better? I know several couples in my own circle who have benefited from this level of connection, information, and opportunity.

Are you making the most of your new connections and access to information? Have you noticed an increase in opportunities that have popped up for you, your family, or your friends over these past two years? I would love to hear your story at mnorton@tramazing.com, and when we can harness the power of being lucky and good along with connection, information, and opportunity, it really will be a better than good year.

Michael Norton is the grateful CEO of Tramazing.com, a personal and professional coach, and a consultant, trainer, encourager and motivator to businesses of all sizes.