Congratulations to Thelma Grimes on the excellent report on Douglas County School Board president Michael Peterson’s Feb. 4 firing of Superintendent Corey Wise. With the assistance of the three other members who with him seized control of the board after the election just 13 weeks ago, Peterson connived on Jan. 28 to bully Wise into resigning. After veteran members of the board David Ray, Susan Meek, and Elizabeth Hanson exposed the plot, Peterson proceeded to call an emergency school board meeting for Feb. 4 to complete the power play. After Superintendent Wise insisted on his right to have his case considered in public session rather than in executive session, Peterson and his accomplices fumbled unsuccessfully to present an adequate case for dismissal.

Peterson and his accomplices having terminated Superintendent Wise without cause, Douglas County will continue to pay his salary for a year. Meanwhile, dedicated teachers having observed the trashing of this dedicated and highly regarded public servant — a 26-year veteran of the Douglas County School District — are likely to seek teaching opportunities in districts that do not bear the burden of the new majority’s callous dysfunction.

Responsible citizens, take note.

Eric Brody

Castle Pines