The prevailing narrative about DCSD’s equity policy is that the school board majority repealed it, rejected its core principles, and ignored the people’s will.

That is false, and sows division in our community.

In reality, the equity policy remains in place. The board’s resolution begins the process of clarifying and improving the policy, benefiting everyone in DCSD.

Why improve the equity policy? Due to its lack of clarity and emphasis on immutable traits, the current policy risks fostering a culture where kids aren’t treated as unique individuals, but divided into groups and stereotyped based on traits like race and sexuality, then treated differently to force equal outcomes.

This risk started to become a reality last year when DCSD hired a consultant who encouraged teachers to view equity in this fashion, adding that parents’ resulting concerns should be ignored.

We owe teachers, parents, and students better than that.

How will the resolution improve the equity policy? It continues encouraging a welcoming culture and adds that students should be treated as individuals, America’s full history should be taught, equal outcomes shouldn’t be forced, and that parents are the primary influencer of children’s values. Sounds reasonable!

The district will include diverse voices in refining this policy over the coming months, including the Equity Advisory Council.

So don’t believe the false narrative. The board majority is honoring the mandate voters gave them: to improve the equity policy — fostering a welcoming culture focused on academic excellence where each student is empowered to reach their full potential.

Will Johnson

Highlands Ranch