The decision to fire Corey Wise, an educator who has dedicated his entire 26-year career as an educator to the children of Douglas County, is a chilling attack on free speech.

When asked their reasons for wanting to fire Superintendent Wise, the four majority board members hemmed and hawed, and then said the quiet part out loud. Superintendent Wise allowed teachers and administrators to use their First Amendment rights to speak out about steps the majority members were taking to repeal or revise DCSD’s equity policy. He did not stop administrators from writing a letter to the board, and he did not stop teachers from using personal time to hold a rally.

This blatant retaliation for a superintendent not ensuring that district employees toe the line should give every employee of DCSD, and every educator, pause.

I am eternally grateful to Superintendent Wise for having the courage and grace to force this discussion into the daylight of a public meeting. I am eternally grateful to Directors Hanson, Meek, and Ray for having the ethics and fortitude to stand up to bullies in the boardroom in the face of deceptive, underhanded tactics by the board majority.

Maria Lauer

Highlands Ranch