In a political pattern that is becoming emotional and exhausting in our county, the school board decision was made to fire the superintendent down ideological lines. While decisions bring disagreement, I hope our community is still paying attention enough to unify around a full refusal to accept the way that decision was made.

To list the offenses leading up to and during the meeting: decisions made without full board consultation; preventing public comment; president Mike Peterson interfering with the vote of majority ally Becky Myers who clearly did not follow plan; the almost absent comments from Myers, Williams and Winegar (majority members), who deferred to Peterson, whose comments were plenty but absent of detail.

Supporters of the majority board members preach loyalty to Constitution, which assumes following agreed-upon rules. They preach the threat of government deciding our actions, yet make decisions as aristocracy of old. You have become the threat you warn about. Change course and live the values you preach when you are not in control – due process under the law with full community representation.

Jacob Stauber

Highlands Ranch