We would never read about the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office if it were a private company or nonprofit, but the article “Conflict Grows Between Sheriff and Former Second-in-Command” could be made into an entertaining slapstick with candidate Kluth as a public agency buffoon. However, while liberal progressives seek to defund the police this story is not so funny.

We in Douglas County have much to be proud of dating back to when Dave Weaver was sheriff who went on to be Colorado United States Marshal. But that’s history and there’s been a recent cry for help declaring DCSO is in a crisis from within. But wait, we have two of the four candidates with a DCSO history, not good. Worst among the candidates, however, is liberal Commissioner Lora Thomas who has made politics her career and should have remained our county coroner where she only had dominion over dead people. Like Thomas, Daren Weekly is a RINO who is endorsed by outgoing Sheriff Spurlock. Spurlock sat with the Democrats during legislative hearings on the Red Flag bill and also endorsed a Democrat to run against Commissioner George Teal. Weekly is now saying he will enforce Spurlock’s Red Flag bill.

Enough said about the corrupt DCSO and career politicians, but who’s left to clean up the mess and make Douglas County great again? My only agenda is to oppose chameleon Lora Thomas, however, based on my research I’ve discovered John Anderson, a retired Castle Rock police commander who I can wholeheartedly support.

Smith Young