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Stage Right Productions, Golden High School’s theater group, will bring a twist to a classic Greek tragedy as they debut “Antigone” on Feb. 24 in the GHS auditorium.

The play, written by Sophocles and adapted by American playwright Emily Mann, is set in a post-Vietnam War America.

“’Antigone’ is the story of the daughters of Oedipus after their brothers have fought for the rule of Thebes,” said production Co-director Marissa Rios.

The play was chosen for its universal message.

“And the one you have here is that you cannot be unyielding—love versus hate, order versus fate,” they said. “For me, when I first read the play, I very much saw the militant side in Creon—order, structure, safety, and from Antigone, the idea that people are free to make their own choices, and that personal will outweighs the importance of personal order.”  

According to technical director Tyler Roach, the entire production, including cast and crew, is part of a very dedicated after-school program.

For example, the entire set was designed by GHS junior Jaelynne Beaber. With some adult help, students built it in just three weeks.

“We chose such a small play because we have such a small program—or so we thought,” Rios said. “We had 30 students audition for a show with a cast of 13.”

They said the incredible amount of talent made casting difficult for the program’s first non-musical performance since before the pandemic.

“We were pleasantly surprised,” Rios said of the students. “When you run a musical, it becomes more about the music and movement, and the acting kinda takes a back seat to all of that. So we saw a lot of talent in people—perhaps because they weren’t the strongest singers or dancers, but acting is where a lot of them really shine.”

The lead roles of Antigone and Creon are played by senior Joya Byrnes and sophomore Henry McBride, respectively.

The after-school program is run by five GHS theater alumni, including Rios and Roach.

The 90-minute play opens on Feb. 24 and runs through Feb. 26.

Roach said four performances are slated in the GHS auditorium, nightly at 7 p.m., with an additional 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday.

Tickets are $10 and are available online at www.showtix4u.com/event-details/61312. More information may be found on the Stage Right Productions at Golden High School Facebook page.