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Food trucks and other mobile food vendors hoping to park and operate adjacent to the Golden City Brewery may have a reprieve, albeit a temporary one.

A century-old oversight discovered by city staff found that an area of the 1100 block of Cheyenne Street actually fell within the city right-of-way.

The revelation prompted the city to draft a proposal for a revocable license agreement that would allow mobile food vendors to conduct business on an ongoing basis in right-of-way areas, adjancent to complementary businesses, such as breweries.

Food trucks are currently allowed to operate in Golden provided they are parked on commercially-zoned private property, but not in public ROW or on public property, such as parks.

The exception would be in the context of a special event permit.

The proposed policy, if approved, would establish criteria for license eligibility, a procedure for the licensing agreement, a review process, notification of adjacent property managers, specified hours of operation, and requirements for liability insurance, to name a few.

During the Feb. 8 city council meeting,  Rick Muriby, director of community and economic development, said, “as proposed, there would be a council approval requirement for the initial phase of the license agreement, and that would extend for three years.”

Should the applicant have no violations during that period, they could apply for an ongoing license requiring only administrative action by staff.

But concerns for hours of operation, smells, smoke, and the loss of precious parking brought questions, as did the notion of city council’s role in the licensing process.

There was consensus that a city-wide permitting policy to solve a unique situation was not the right way to approach the problem.

The council made no motion on the proposed policy, and staff was directed to return with a more limited agreement, specific to the Golden City Brewery, that would allow them time to comply with current city ordinance.