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  • Hot chocolate is made at Elevated Seltzer.

Olde Town Arvada became a haven for all things chocolate on Feb. 5, with the Ralston House’s annual A Chocolate Affair event returning to the historic district after a pared-down event last year.

Fourteen locations throughout Olde Town held chocolate tastings ranging from chocolate mojitos to truffles. Local chocolatiers including Longmont Dairy Farms and Enstrom Candies participated in the event, proceeds of which benefit the Ralston House’s general fund assisting children and youth who have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused.

Ralston House Special Events Associate Jennifer Kemps said that she thought the event brought about 200 people to Olde Town to sample chocolate, a total she said was fairly comporable to prior events.

“I think it’s a little bit lower than in the past, but I think it’s a good turnout,” Kemps said. “We get bigger exposure as a one-day event and this is the first time where Olde Town’s roads have been closed.”

A scavenger hunt sent attendees to 10 different locations throughout the district in search of clues like La Dolce Vita’s “Friends don’t let friends drink what?” (the answer being Starbucks, of course).