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  • A bag of coffee beans sits ready to be roasted.
  • Customers sip drinks and work remotely at Bivouac.

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in an ongoing series about coffee shops in the Evergreen/Conifer area.

Bivouac Coffee Co. in Evergreen only roasts naturally processed, environmentally friendly coffee.

Bivouac is located right off Bergen Parkway. The location offers quick access to trails and Bergen Park, and is a popular remote working spot. 

The coffee beans at Bivouac are unique from those you might find at other coffee shops. Much of the coffee in the world is “washed coffee,” which uses water to wash away the outsides from the seed. This process uses a large amount of water and the resulting pollution and water scarcity can be devastating for countries that coffee is often sourced from.

Bivouac harnesses the power of the sun, and instead of washing away the cherry (the outsides) of the seed, the shop simply dries the whole thing, leaving the outsides to fall off once dried. This process saves water, adds flavor and creates less acidity in the finished product.

Scott Wilton is the operations manager and head roaster at Bivouac.

“The sustainability mission is at the core,” he said. 

With compostable cups, sustainable packaging, efficient roasting and responsible sourcing, Bivouac aims to be an earth conscious brand. Bivouac is a Public Benefit Corporation, and is a 1% For the Planet company, meaning 2% of its revenue is donated to nonprofit partners. 

Wilton said another aspect to consider for a sustainable coffee shop is how accessible it is. He said Bivouac aims to make its naturally processed brand affordable.

Besides being a roastery, Bivouac Coffee Co. is a coffee shop, tasting room and classroom for learning about coffee.

The company offers two classes currently; the coffee tasting experience and the better brewing at home class. Information and signups for these can be found at bivouac.coffee.

Barista Justin Cygan has been working at Bivouac for over a year. He enjoys the art of making cappuccinos and likes to drink pour-over black coffee. 

Cygan says one draw of the shop is the staff that work there.

“Everyone on the staff is an incredibly interesting person,” he said.

He says the shop being nestled up in north Evergreen makes Bivouac Coffee Co. a great place to work remotely or just to enjoy high quality coffee.