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Soccer will continue to be the Rapp sisters’ sport of choice now that they have signed to continue playing in college next year.

The Rapps were three of eight Evergreen athletes to sign as part of National Letter of Intent Day on Feb. 9 in the school auditorium with an audience filled with their family, friends, coaches and teammates.

Along with Catherine, Elizabeth and Rami Rapp, athletes Jaclyn Donoho, Brynna Frey, Taylor Jacobson, Carson King and Dylan Schiro will continue their college careers. At signing day, the athletes sat at tables to listen to their coaches laud their athletic and academic prowess.

Evergreen Athletic Director LeRoy Lopez said the athletes’ success was a testament to their skill but also a testament to everyone in the room who sacrificed to help get the athletes to where they are at today.

“Congratulations to everyone in the room and to everyone who helped them along the way,” he said.


Catherine Rapp, soccer, Florida International University

Elizabeth Rapp, soccer, University of Oklahoma

Rami Rapp, soccer, University of Oklahoma

Evergreen soccer coach Peter Jeans called the Rapp sisters the most dedicated players in the program, noting that they push each other, which in turn pushed the team to be better.

“They’re the last on the field and the first to get there,” Jeans said, calling their ball handling mesmerizing and their play amazing and effective.


Jaclyn Donoho, track and field, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Evergreen track coaches called Donoho a consistent high jumper and sprinter, trying everything the coaches asked of her because she trusted the process.

“We’re really proud of her because she really deserves this,” coach Jenifer Mintle said. 


Brynna Frey, softball, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Evergreen softball coach Heather Dose explained that she coached Frey since eighth grade.

“Although she is quiet, she’s a leader on our team,” Dose said. “She has led the team to success, and she was there for the (team’s) ups and downs.”

Frey made her mark on the Evergreen team, Dose said, and she will bring a lot of positivity to the UCCS softball team.


Taylor Jacobson, swimming, Kean University

Jacobson was an integral part of the team, according to now assistant coach Liz Hudd, and she worked harder than anyone on the team. She swam competitively for 10 years.

Hudd, the former head coach, called Jacobson kind and helpful to her teammates.


Carson King, baseball, Cornell College

Dylan Schiro, baseball, Cornell College

Athletic Director LeRoy Lopez called King and Schiro a big part of the Evergreen baseball program, noting that athletes don’t get to this level without hard work. He joked that they have been kicked out of the training room numerous times because they were always the last to leave, showing their dedication to the sport.

“They were willing to put in the time and to put in the effort,” Lopez said.