The Weld Re-8 School District put in an application for additional COVID relief funding, according to Jennifer Archuleta, grants manager for the district. 

She gave the Re-8 school board an update during its meeting late last month. 

The grant is for $3.4 million. One-fifth of it has to be used for learning loss programs, technology and staffing shortages brought on by the pandemic. The district also has to post updates on the money spent on its website. 

“We’re going to put almost half into programs for learning loss,” Archuleta told the board. “ 

The district was able to spend $315,000 of its so-called ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funds on such technology pieces as helping students get up to speed with online learning. The two other pieces of COVID relief funding can go towards such budgetary items and salaries, summer school programs and tutoring. 

FLHS update 

A canned food drive. Plans for a clothing drive. Teaching about the 1920s in advance of a March 4 dance with the theme of “The Roaring ‘20s.” Those were some of the items the Fort Lupton High School student council discussed with the Weld Re-8 school board late last month. 

The food drive resulted in donations of 2,500 pounds of food to the Fort Lupton Food & Clothing Bank.  

“They donated 50 jackets to the community,” said FLHS student council advisor Darin Senseney.

“The guys have their hearts in the right place.” 

Board member Cody LeBlanc is the food bank’s treasurer. 

“it was a godsend to have that food some in,” LeBlanc said. “Do you know Linda (Linda Hunt, the executive director of the food bank)? It warms her heart to see you doing that.” 

The week of Monday, Feb. 28, is Spirit Days on campus, featuring wardrobes of pajamas, crazy socks and sports jerseys. It’s a run-up to the school dance Friday, March 4. 

There’s also a talent show Wednesday, March 2. 

“We want to give some kids who aren’t as well-known the chance to show what they have,” said student council President Reygan Garcia. “The social-studies teachers are going to teach about that era. We’re looking for a hypnotist (LeBlanc and fellow board member Michelle Bettger offered business cards for prospective candidates). If not, we’ll train Senseney.” 

“I’ve been the advisor for three years, and I haven’t had a group accomplish as much as this one,” Senseney told the board.