While DCSD Board President Peterson and Director Williams may not have violated the letter of the Colorado Sunshine Law (Colorado Open Meetings Law), they violated the spirit, by individually conspiring among the four newly elected school board directors, then by taking unsanctioned action by giving Superintendent Corey Wise an ultimatum to resign or be ousted by the newly elected majority, without holding a public discussion or involving the minority three directors. I call on the Douglas County School District Board of Education directors to follow the law, both in letter and spirit. Public business is conducted in public forums.

President Mike Peterson and Director Christy Williams also violated DCSD Policy BE. This states that no public business may be conducted unless a quorum is present. Meetings where policy is discussed or decisions are made are to be open to the public. Giving an ultimatum to the superintendent is public business.

President Peterson and Director Williams — respect for the rule of law is our societal compact. Acknowledge your errors. Follow policy and law.

Eiko Browning, MD

Highlands Ranch