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Golden is having a talent and show, and you’re invited—to audition.

Carrie Preister, talent show organizer and committee member, said the all-age, family-friendly event is a first-ever for Golden.

“It’s a chance to celebrate the talent we have here in the community and help promote cultural and fine arts programs,” she said.

Preister, who has produced similar events for Mitchell Elementary, believes talent shows are a great way to get students on stage and showcase non-athletic talents their peers may not know they have.

Joined by retired teacher Greg Aigner, Preister said the two hatched an idea to create a similar event to engage a wider local audience.

And thus, the Golden Talent Mine was born.

“I think the ‘ah-ha’ moment was really, when we were coming out of COVID,” Preister explained. “For Greg and I, we share this vision of having young and old meet—and not just at a school function, but in more of a community setting.”

Auditions are open to all performers with a connection to Golden, such as an employer, school, or residency.

Performances are limited to three minutes.

Group acts should have no more than eight persons.

The March 12 show is under the director of Miners Alley Playhouse Director of Children’s Programming Rory Pierce.

The all-cast opening and closing numbers will be choreographed by Amanda Hill of Golden’s Virtuosity Dance Center.

While Preister says the GTM’s goal is to become a sustainable annual show to support local performing arts programs, she said creating connections among young and old and a sense of family among the performers and crew is essential.

“The final day of production will be a long dress of rehearsal followed by a family-style meal that we bring in, and then they will perform that night for the audience,” she said.

All performers will receive two complimentary tickets and a T-shirt.

GSF school acts will earn at least $200 for their arts program. 

Don’t like the spotlight?

No problem.

Preister said backstage volunteers are also needed to help with set changes and to wrangle performers.

Proceeds from ticket sales, concessions, and cash donations at the door benefit the Golden Schools Foundation.