Response to “Why I will vote for Eli Bremer”  by Joe Webb, 1/13/22

So you are still under the impression that being an early supporter of Trump, before the immaculate discension down the escalator, I assume, is still a positive thing. I garner from your article that Eli really charmed your pants off at that party. I grew up in the South. They used to have little ways of letting their voters know that they “understand your concerns.” Is saying you still support Trump the modern day Republican equivalent?  

Now I think it’s great that Eli has ended the abuse of our Olympic athletes. I also noticed he was hanging out with former Olympian, Colorado Springs resident and 1/6 patriot Klete Keller. Eli thought Klete should run for county commissioner. But Eli also thought Klete was too passive. Did Eli give Klete some type of pep talk after the 2020 election? Maybe a carpe diem or get ‘er done type thing?  

Did you see seditious conspiracy was the case they gave Elmer Stewart Rhodes? Seditious conspiracy is hard to prove, so why should you worry, right? Because the suspects would have had to do the conspiracy out in the open and then post it on social media for a realistic chance at a conviction. I wonder if anyone Elmer talked to talked to anyone who talked to anyone at the White House. The only issue for me the next two election cycles is seditious conspiracy type things. Joe, could you ask Eli what he thinks about that at the next party?

Mack Yaun, Bailey