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Editor’s Note: This is the third in an ongoing series about coffee shops in the Evergreen/Conifer area.

On mornings where there is not enough time to stop and sit down for a cup of coffee, Espresso Evergreen is a great choice to satiate a caffeine fix on the go. 

Situated right off Evergreen Parkway in midtown, Espresso Evergreen’s location is convenient for those coming into Evergreen on their way to work. The shop is walk up or drive through only, ensuring quick turnaround.

Owner Tiffani Packer said this is what makes Espresso Evergreen unique.

“It’s the only drive-thru coffee shop in Evergreen that’s locally owned and operated,” she said.

Tony and Kristi Lafata opened Espresso Evergreen in 1995, and it has been a community landmark since. The shop offers coffee and tea drinks, changing frozen yogurt flavors, quick grab pastries and sandwiches, frozen coffee drinks and more. 

Packer also owns the Muddy Buck Cafe and a few other restaurants in town but said Espresso Evergreen is a different experience.

“It’s fast and convenient…just an easy environment,” she said.

During some of the supply chain difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Espresso Evergreen was able to lean on the local community to fulfill their needs for baked goods.

“Being able to utilize local bakeries when other purveyors weren’t able to provide the product,” Packer said.

This is all to say that the shop and its staff cherish being part of the local community. 

“We love to be a part of the special things that our community is involved in. We love to give back,” Packer said. 

Packer added that the staff is what makes the location so special.

“The team there is fantastic, hardworking (and) enthusiastic.”