School choice debate

As the school choice debate heats up, does Mr. Jay Gubersky’s argument against this hot issue hold water? I do not believe so. Say I park a fire truck outside my house in case of a fire, as Mr. Gubersky cites as an example. Does this say I am against the Fire Department? That I don’t agree with the way they fight fires? Or what if I do have firearms to protect me and mine. Again, does this mean I’m against police and how they do their job? Absolutely not. I still greatly depend on them all even if I have that fire truck and legal weapons. I gladly pay taxes for their services.

If I’m for school choice (of which I am a strong proponent), it simply means I disagree with how they teach my child and what they teach them. I do not rely on them for my safety. Therefore, if I have an alternative and my tax dollars follow my child, I have the freedom to choose differently. Many parents do not have that freedom because they cannot afford private, charter schools, etc. I for one, do not want my taxes to go into a system that does not work for my family any longer. Fair competition benefits all. 

Sandi Diebel, Arvada