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  • Elizabeth Police sign, located on the first floor of the department.
The Elizabeth Police Department recently adopted new lighting technology known as Guardian Angel. On Jan. 1, all members of the department were equipped with Guardian Angel lights designed to increase safety and visibility for both the officers and the public. The department now has 13 lights in use, one for each officer, one for canine officers, and two backup lights.
The produce website describes Guardian Angel lights as wearable safety lights designed with a core belief that personal lighting technology will make the world a safer place. The company says its primary mission is to protect the lives of law enforcement and first responders in the field.
“We are really excited to have the new Guardian Angel lights,” said Chief Melvin Berghahn. “They are going to be a huge asset to us and generally help us be a safer and more effective department.”
The multifunctional lights are being adopted by cities and states across the country. They are now a mandatory part of the uniform for Colorado State Patrol officers, and cities and towns across the state are following suit.
Each three-ounce light costs $129 and has four hours of continuous operation when fully charged. They are waterproof and have a built-in magnetic mounting system. They also have infrared LED lighting integration as well as red, blue and clear lights that have over five miles of 360-degree visibility.
The most significant benefit of the Guardian Angel lights is that they allow the officers to be hands-free. The lights can be quickly attached to many places on the uniform, allowing officers to carry out their duties with two free hands, all while remaining safe and visible.
“They’re great and free up your hands,” said Royce Lamas, one of the Elizabeth Police Department’s newest officers. “They are so much better than holding a flashlight while at a traffic stop.”
The Guardian Angel lights are also beginning to replace the traditional traffic vests, allowing the police officers to be highly visible at night.
“I was working night shift for a while. That is where I saw the most use,” said Elizabeth Police Officer Alex Allen. “There isn’t great lighting on Highway 86, so the lights make me more visible to people driving by.”
“This brings a higher standard of safety to the Elizabeth Police Department, not only for us, but for Elizabeth citizens as well,” said Chief Berghahn. “We will do whatever we can to keep our town and our officers safe.”
For more information on Guardian Angel lights or to order your own, please visit guardianangeldevices.com.