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Fort Lupton City Council got one of its first looks at a potential splash pad outside the city’s recreation center on South Harrison Avenue. 

The information came during a Jan. 25 town hall meeting, so there was no decision. 

The early cost, according to Public Works Director Roy Vestal, is about $3,600. It includes an aerial view of the area, a preliminary layout of the pad and cost estimates. 

“The next step is to put it out to bid for construction,” Vestal said. “This came in at a reasonable cost. It came in at 8 percent to 10 percent of the anticipated cost, which is standard for design work.

The next step is to get a contractor on board to build the thing. We need a designer to put it together.” 

Wastewater hauling 

Vestal was a busy presenter Jan. 25. He recommended that council sign a wastewater hauling deal with Burns and McDonnell – the city has a contract with that engineering firm to do the necessary repairs on

the plant – to take care of hauling wastewater material. The preferred route of travel is U.S. Highway 85, though officials said the transport should not interfere with anyone’s right of way. 

Early cost estimates from Burns and McDonnell were about $6,500 higher than a proposal from CH2M Hill. Its work would be completed in 400 days, according to Vestal, while Burns and McDonnell could get the necessary approval in June and finish the work within 100 days. 

“They are going to be more motivated,” Vestal told council. “I’m inclined to go with burns and McDonnell. They know what needs to be done.” 

“Would they give a better price if you told them you had another offer? Would they come down?” asked Mayor Zo Stieber. 

“We can always try,” Vestal said.