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Elbert County recently launched a new website to boost economic development in the county. The website is designed to help current and prospective business owners better navigate the explosive growth of Elizabeth and surrounding areas, find available properties, and learn about the values and diverse lifestyle of Elbert County residents.
Marc Dettenrieder, the county’s economic development manager, shared his thoughts about the new website in an email correspondence from Jan 17.
“The website will be a good starting point to drive inquiries,” Dettenrieder wrote. “Having a visually appealing, informational site will provide users with not only a good first impression of our county, but a place to land to learn more and get connected with the economic development team.”
He added: “When you are a new or existing businesses it is encouraging to know that you have resources available and a direct contact person to assist in the process. We like to personalize the experience by getting to know and understand the needs of our business customers over a cup of coffee. Good customer service coupled with a solid value proposition will only generate more interest in business expansion and creation.”
Dettenrieder shared that the county’s close proximity to Denver will help to drive economic expansion, in turn making the new website even more crucial.
“The county is positioned well for economic expansion with its educated workforce, proximity to urban centers and airports, available transportation corridors, and access to rail and freight services,” he wrote. “The quality of life and rural characteristics that shape the county present a delicate balance between preserving the past and welcoming the opportunities of the future.”
When asked what he thought Elbert County would look like in terms of economic development in the next decade, he was optimistic that the county would see exciting change.
“We are likely to see the natural expansion of retail services in our towns and more commercial and industrial development along certain major roadways in the Economic Development Zones,” Dettenrieder wrote. “Ultimately, the website will help us fulfill part of our mission, which is to support existing and prospective businesses and facilitate the creation of more jobs in the county.”
The website, elbertcountyworks.com, is touted in a press release as having “the goal of boosting economic development while preserving the County’s fundamental character.”
The “Fast Facts” section provides information about Elbert County’s industries, transportation options, demographics, proximity to Denver and more.
The “Doing Business” section looks at economic zones, tax incentives, broadband availability and other links and information to help orient new or growing businesses.
The “Elbert County Living” section is meant to explain “the values, lifestyle, and culture of Elbert County,” the press release says.
The “How We Help” section is a guide to getting in touch with the Elbert County Economic Development department with explanations of the help it can offer.
The “Available Property” section links to the LoopNet online marketplace, which shows commercial properties for sale.