Christian Brothers Automotive in Castle Rock recently partnered with the professional learning specialist at Mesa Middle School to host a career development day.

Employees of the auto shop, including automotive technicians and mechanics, visited more than 100 students at Mesa Middle School for an exploration day to teach the youths what a career in the automotive industry could look like.

According to a press release, the Christian Brothers Automotive team brought in two car engines for students to explore, showcasing what each function of the engine is and where it is located. Students also got to partake in hands-on  activities, working in teams to disassemble the engine.  

“I love getting out there and being able to teach kids about stuff like this, and give them the opportunity to let them tear down an engine,” said Robert Scherk, an automotive technician and apprentice for Christian Brothers. “They are all so excited, and I’m loving just letting them partake and watch them.” 

Many students asked to be a part of the career day as the date to the visit drew closer, the news release said.

“I thought I’d get 20 to 30 students interested, now that’s grown to about 115 students wanting to participate in more hands-on days like these with professionals in the automotive field,” says Jason Kasper, an innovation and design teacher at Mesa Middle School.