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The Buchanan Park Rec Center has three garden-shed looking structures on its roof — all to improve internet service.

The Evergreen Park & Recreation District has been working with Nexius on behalf of AT&T to put antennas hidden in the cupolas on the rec center roof. Cranes lifted the equipment into place last month.

The district is receiving $3,000 a month for the antennas that are expected to improve first-responder communication, and internet access for The Bergens elementary schools and for residents in the area, Jaclyn Levine, site acquisitions manager with Nexius, told the EPRD board in 2020 as they were negotiating the deal.

Nexius worked to ensure the cupolas match the building color, and the enclosures ensure metal antennas are not sticking out of the roof, Bob Schmitz, EPRD’s facility operations manager, said. Nexius also installed a generator outside the building, so if electricity service is interrupted, the generators will ensure cell service continues.