Take action now to combat climate change

As the Marshall fire swept across Boulder County two weeks ago, I watched in shock. It was beyond heartbreaking to see this happening to the community surrounding me. I personally knew people impacted and everyone I know, knows someone who was affected. 

This demonstrates the urgency for Congress to take action now to combat climate change. We need to talk about how climate change and months of drought and record heat created the conditions for this fire. There is no better example of a climate disaster.

Our leaders must take action on climate change for the livelihoods of all Americans and it’s residents. Congress must pass and President Biden must sign the Build Back Better Act, which would be the largest-ever investment from our government in fighting climate change. 

Our Colorado communities depend on it. 

Patrick Crawford, Arvada


Public Service not a la carte

I am in total agreement with Mr. Salley that no one in Arvada is forced to send their children to an alternative school. That is a personal choice for a family. If a family makes that choice it is on “their dime.” A school voucher is essentially a tax reimbursement for a public service a taxpayer does not want to pay for.

Let’s say that an Arvada resident has a small fire truck parked outside their home because they are wary that if a fire erupts in their home the fire department will not respond in time. Let’s also say that another resident is wary that the police will not get to their house in time if a robber threatens them so they have a stockpile of legal weapons to protect themselves.

Each resident claims that they do not have to pay their taxes that go to the fire department and police because they are not in need of these services because they have an emergency covered. These individuals want a reimbursement in the same way that people who do not want to send their children to public schools want a reimbursement. We all pay for these and many other services whether we use them or not. Vouchers take money out of the public school system. One cannot pick and choose the public services one wants and is willing to pay for with their taxes.

Jay Gubersky, Arvada