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United Power expanding its accessible electric vehicle charging on highway corridors throughout the county in partnership with the National Electric Highway Coalition, according to a press release.

“United Power serves more than 100,000 members living in some of the fastest-growing communities in the country,” said Mark A. Gabriel, United Power’s President, and Chief Executive Officer. “We also serve several transportation corridors running through those areas. We have seen a proliferation of electric vehicle owners in our territory and Colorado in recent years. Joining the National Electric Highway Coalition reinforces the cooperative’s commitment to its members and the changing nature of the electric industry.”

United Power and the National Electric Highway Coalition have the ambition by 2023 to provide more EV charging stations to its infrastructure, according to officials.

This past year United Power installed its second EV fast charger in Keenesburg at the Market Street Mart off North East of Denver 1-76 on May 11, 2021. In 2019 at the Coal Creek office United Power installed its first EV charger.

“The Carbon Valley EV fast-charger is scheduled for installation in the first quarter of 2022. There will be one fast-charger and two dual-port level two chargers available for public use along 1-25, “ said Joel Danforth, United Power New Business Director.

According to officials, by 2030 there would be about 22 million electric vehicles on the roads so they could be a need for more than 100,000 fast chargers to accommodate the electric vehicle drivers.

The National Electric Highway Coalition speaks for the largest electric utility companies to meet its goals for EV charging infrastructures. Forty-seven states with more than 50 electric utilities have partnered with the coalition for the expansion, according to officials.

United Power is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, delivering electricity to homes, farms, and businesses throughout Colorado’s northern front range. The cooperative is one of the fastest-growing electric cooperatives in the nation, and in June joined the elite ranks of cooperatives serving more than 100,000 meters. The 900 square mile service territory extends from the mountains of Coal Creek and Golden Gate Canyon, along the I-25 corridor and Carbon Valley region, to the farmlands of Brighton, Hudson, and Keenesburg.