The Fort Lupton Recreation Department has its eyes on a new, outdoor fitness park in Railroad Park, Fourth Street and Pacific Avenue, across the street from the recreation facility on South Harrison Avenue. 

Rec center Manager Julie Seedorf said the total cost was $140,000; however, a grant from the National Fitness Camp pared the cost by $25,000.

During a Fort Lupton council study session Jan. 11, she said there would be $40,000 in costs on top of equipment fees. Those totaled $25,000 for installation and $15,000 to put in a 38-x38 concrete slab to house the equipment. 

“It being so close to the rec center allows us to go out there and show people how to use it,” she said. “It’s part of a healthy fitness campaign to push healthy lifestyles.” 

Council didn’t make a decision because it was in a town-hall format.