• Scott James

Weld County Commissioner Scott James wants to keep his job as the representative from District 2 on the commission.

He announced his re-election bid last week.

“Weld County has always stood for what is right,” James said in a press statemet. “People here know and respect the Western way of individualism, determination, perseverance and hard work. With grit and tenacity, we work together, and we respect one another. We don’t need to be told what to do because we instinctively know what’s right.”

James thinks that philosophy has come under attack of late.

“Heavy-handed regulators in Denver and Boulder think they know what’s better for our county than we do. Big government, bureaucracy-laden solutions are being forced on Weld County in a one-size-fits-all fashion,” James said in his re-election statement. “They don’t understand our unique challenges. They don’t understand our businesses. Most of all, they don’t understand who we are. I want to continue to fight for what is right For Weld.”

James, the recently elected chairman of the commission, cited his accomplishments in the press release. They include the creation of a county oil and gas energy department, a memorandum of understanding with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission that honored the county’s “siting and land use decisions” concerning oil and gas exploration and an update of the county’s comprehensive plan and zoning codes.

He also voted to approve an air-quality monitoring network and works with the Colorado State University College of Agriculture to identify proactive means of addressing greenhouse gasses.

“Under James’ leadership, Weld continues to be one of the nation’s most fiscally responsible counties with no debt, no county sales tax, cash-funded capital plans and adequate cash reserves,” the statement said.